Corrective Skin Care

All facial treatments are performed using Rhonda Allison Skin Care

Customized Treatments

Every treatment we perform is customized to your skin needs

Before a facial

If possible, come in with no makeup
Do not exfoliate your skin beforehand
Avoid harsh/exfoliating chemicals 5 days before your facial treatment -prescription retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid
If seeing a dermatologist, please always get permission from your doctor before getting a facial
If you can bring in your skin care, please do so! We want to see what you are using and it allows us to better customize our treatments for you!
Do not touch your face after a facial treatment - your skin has been deep cleansed and you don’t want to introduce any bacteria to the area
Results requires commitment! Consistent treatments yields the best result.
Every 4-6 weeks Normal/Aging skin
Every 3 weeks for Brightening/Photo-damaged
Every 2-3 for Acne skin